Studio Marina Hulzenga

a spatial design and art studio

Specializing in exhibit and installation design, Studio Marina Hulzenga translates narrative and knowledge into a variety of immersive spaces through storytelling; inviting others to experience the celebration of histories, listen to the land and its people, and constantly engage the philosophical, conceptual, and social dialogues of our spatial surroundings. Absorbed in collecting and research as a means to creativity, the studio's work focuses on uncovering details and connections that challenge our spatial narratives. In both designing for clients or self-initiated projects, the studio values in depth research, being guided by process and activating conversation.

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ARCHIVE OF HAPPENINGS FROM PRESENT TO PAST: all project exhibition residency award

LIMINAL SPACE | | AWASITIPAHASKAN as research for MA thesis

Thesis written by: Kristina Parzen

Title: The space in-between cultures: site-specific meeting places of Indigenous and European knowledges

Excerpt: “By examining the site- and land- specific installation artworks of Métis artist Tiffany Shaw-Collinge and Canadian artist Marina Hulzenga, the liminal may be discussed as a means for understanding how knowledge is produced in this space when different cultures encounter each other.”

Territory of Alberta Mapped
hand-painted map

Location: Alberta, Canada

Prints are for sale, please email to purchase.
size: 19.75” x 27.5”, printed on 100% cotton archival/fine art paper, price: $119.00 CAN, shipping extra.

This map visualises layers of the territory of Alberta we normally never witness. Stripping the map of all common elements such as cities, roads, and waterways, this new map leaves, or rather, adds three layers of Indigenous spaces. Presenting the First Nations reserves, Métis settlements and Treaties within the territory of Alberta tells of an entirely different mapped landscape.

The pigments were made from the natural plant and soil materials of this land, hand painting a map that directly reflects the landscape and the memories it holds.

Charles Camsell Hospital reconciliation events

Location: maskêkosihk, Canada
In Collaboration with: Enoch Cree Nation Archives, RISE (Reconciliation In Solidarity Edmonton), River Cree Resort & Casino

Graphic design of promotional material for events.

Maskihkîy Âcimowin/Medicine Stories installation

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Space: Alberta Ave community
In collaboration with: Bleeding Heart Art Gallery

As part of the design team, the project featured a large colourful tree sculpture (built by JSG Welding), inspired by the traditional Métis story, The Giving Tree, and was erected in an open field in the Arts District. The tree was a gathering place for story, ceremony and song, and created a sacred space to further the work of reconciliation and healing.



Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
In Collaboration with: RISE (Reconciliation In Solidarity Edmonton)

Graphic and layout design, as well as production for five editions of the RISE ZINE.

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The studio is based in amiskwacîwâskahikan / ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃ
/ Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) on Treaty 6 and Métis territory.