Studio Marina Hulzenga

a spatial design and art studio

Specializing in exhibit and installation design, Studio Marina Hulzenga translates narrative and knowledge into a variety of immersive spaces through storytelling; inviting others to experience the celebration of histories, listen to the land and its people, and constantly engage the philosophical, conceptual, and social dialogues of our spatial surroundings. Absorbed in collecting and research as a means to creativity, the studio's work focuses on uncovering details and connections that challenge our spatial narratives. In both designing for clients or self-initiated projects, the studio values in depth research, being guided by process and activating conversation.

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ARCHIVE OF HAPPENINGS FROM PRESENT TO PAST: all project exhibition residency award

As part of an interdisciplinary working group, I created documentation for the project Nesting-Landing by Shelley Etkin

Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin
In collaboration with: Shelley Etkin, Parvathi Ramanathan, Ludger Storcks, Nicola van Straaten, Doreen Markert, Lydia Baldwin

“We invited a group of children to collectively build a temporary environment that we weave and inhabit together. How can this process of creating and inhabiting a place together make our diverse relationships with home, migration, and coexistence visible? In an interdisciplinary working group, we explored how our (adult) offerings can correspond to the imaginations and worlds of thought of children and open ourselves to their curiosity and needs. What kind of living space could we build together and how can this process playfully deconstruct claims to property and territory? What dreams do we have related to this place and the places in our life?”

Enoch Cree Nation Book design
+ Book Holder design

Location: maskêkosihk, Canada
Client: River Cree Resort & Casino
In collaboration with: Former Chief William (Billy) Morin, Amberly Morin, Jerome (Rocky) Morin, Blair Morin, Harvey (Bingo) Morin, Terry Morin

Guiding a team of Enoch Cree Nation members, we walked through a process of creating the storyline and content for a book that speaks of Enoch’s rich history, culture, and deep connection to the land. The book is displayed in a holder that was inspired by the Enoch logo, and is showcased in each hotel room at the River Cree Resort & Casino, inviting their guests to discover and learn more about the First Nation they are visiting.

maskêkosihk is the traditional name for Enoch Cree Nation, and means “land of the medicines.”

Visualization of Landing in the Intersections

Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: Theater o.N. Berlin
In collaboration with: Shelley Etkin

These visuals arose out of many inspiring exchanges between Shelley and I, in which we shared our own relationships with land while reflecting on the landing sessions offered during the FRATZ Symposium and expanding on their potential to engage with intersectionality. Experiencing a landing session and journeying into the lands of my imagination, I became enraptured by the landscapes I sojourned through and began to materialize their forms, colours and movements. Through a process of creative experimentation and listening to my imagination’s knowledge, these visuals emerged. The visuals are an attempt at mapping the multiple landscapes and the traversing over those landscapes that our meeting here springs from.

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Recipient of the Creator’s Reserve Grant

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Supporter: Edmonton Arts Council

To complete the creative research and exploration phases of a project on colour and its relation to space and place within a Canadian landscape. I will be working through a series of exploratory stages, which will lead to the creation of a place-based colour archive. Through the creative process of this project I will be on a quest to learn the spatial language of colour.

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The studio is based in amiskwacîwâskahikan / ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃ
/ Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) on Treaty 6 and Métis territory.