BOOK — Liminal SpacE | | Awasitipahaskan LIMINAL SPACE: The space of a threshold from one domain to another. AWASITIPAHASKAN: ‘Across the border line’ – in the Indigenous language of Cree. — There are 140 First Nation reserves in Alberta, Canada. Each reserve is cut out of the landscape “for the use and benefit of the respective bands for which they were set apart.” (18. (1) of the Indian Act) First Nations people tried to resist signing treaties and being put onto reserves. However their traditional way of life was becoming extinguished and they feared that eventually there might not be any land left for their people at all. The current mentality has changed from the initial creation of reserves. First Nations people now see reserves as their immemorial territory, their home. At the edges of these reserves an expanse of space lies, manifesting itself through various physical, social and emotional experiences. The spatial installation and accompanying book of LIMINAL SPACE | | AWASITIPAHASKAN, are focused on these border experiences and analyze the various levels in which the liminality of separation reveals itself. The spatial installation pays witness to these border spaces, in this way the installation creates a territory for conversation; illuminating matters of peripheral debate and border issues that can be as well recognized on a global scale. — Participating bands: Enoch Cree Nation Saddle Lake Cree Nation Onion Lake Cree Nation Maskwacis: Samson Cree Nation Ermineskin Cree Nation Louis Bull Tribe Montana First Nation