“Whoa, these reserve roads…!” I laughed as we rattled along in the car.


She smiled and softly said, “driving on gravel roads makes me feel home.”


Conversation with Paulina Johnson

From Samson Cree Nation


The collection consists of concrete tiles. Each tile begins with a sharp line on one edge and transitions into the imprint of gravel. In order for the tile to function, gravel must be filled in the negative space to create a flush surface.



There is a moment when crossing the indistinct border of a reserve, that you realize something has changed, the highway has given way to a much more rugged and attention seizing gravel road. Immediately your awareness is on the path ahead and you become completely engaged with your current surroundings. These gravel roads act as a signal of the shift from one domain to another. Often seen as a negative aspect to reserve life, these gravel roads on the contrary are seen by those who frequent them, as a symbol of home and familiarity.


Enoch Cree Nation